Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Looney Tunes Show" - Paris Montage

 On "The Looney Tune Show" I was storyboarding on a episode called "Eligible Bachelors" where I was to board Bugs falling in love with Lola Bunny while on a day trip to Paris. I decided to make it a montage out of six paintings depicting a day of amore in the City of Light. First panel has the two at a sidewalk cafe much like Les Deux Magots, in the painting is a likeness of my wife and myself at the table by Bugs and Lola. Second panel has our lovebirds driving down the Champs-Elysees on a Vespa with the Arc De Triomphe in the background. The third panel has Bugs and Lola doing the Can Can at the world famous Moulin Rouge, with a homage to the great Toulouse Lautrec's posters. The fourth panel has our beloved bunnies having fun with a Mime at the Jardin Des Tuileries while a young boy sails his toy sail boat in the fountain. The fifth depicts Lola and Bugs leisurely visiting the book sellers along the left bank in search of treasures. And lastly, Bugs presenting Lola with a bouquet of flowers that he purchased from a flower merchant near The Sacre Coeur. These panels then would be paintings that would be created in a impressionistic way by Jesse Silver and Art Directed by John Calmette of Warner Bros Animation. 

Panels 1, 2, 3 and 5 are high res.


John Calmette said...

cool post Doug, but these apintings were done by Jesse Silver, art directed by me

John Calmette said...


Samuel said...

Simply wonderful! I was just so impressed by the montage during the show that I just had to find out who drew them! Extremely lovely! :D
We need more Bugs and Lola XD